Second Annual

Find Your Calling Month

March 2017

When students everywhere find the work they were born to do and share their interests with the world

Host your own Find Your Calling Day

Find Your Calling Month is a special month when students around the country come together and use Find Your Calling to discover careers they love and plan the necessary education.

To do this, they need YOU.

Parents. Teachers. Advisors. High school alumni. If that’s you, then you can help these students make March 2017 one of the most important times in their lives: the time they make a plan for success. 

We want thousands of students to get inspired about their dream career and figure out the education they need to get there.


Get Involved

How can you help? Host your own Find Your Calling Day!

If "host" sounds like a big to-do, don't worry. We'll make it easy by providing all the content for your event: presentations, fliers, videos, etc. Simply sign up to download what you need—for free.

Next, contact the school of your employment, the high school you graduated from, or any school you have ties with. Arrange a 1-2-hour event in March where you can speak to students* using our ready-made presentation that demonstrates how Find Your Calling can help them discover careers they love and the education they need at a price they can afford.

During the event, each student will visit and do the following under your supervision:

  1. Take the Discovery Questionnaire to identify their strengths and interests
  2. Explore careers: wages, growth, skills, companies hiring, recommended education, and more
  3. Find schools that supplies the education they need at manageable cost

During and after your presentation, students will also be able to enter the FYC Month prize drawing online. (See below.)

And that's how you host a Find Your Calling Day! Read Brendan O'Neill's story of hosting FYC Day in Chicago.

*Target audience is 13-year-old students and up. Students younger than 13 cannot create profiles or enter the prize drawing.

Prize Drawing

Students enter the prize drawing through two simple steps: 1) creating a profile on Find Your Calling; 2) sharing their results on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FindYourCallingDay.

They may enter again on the following days throughout the month by sharing a link to Find Your Calling or a screen capture of part of the website, again using the hashtag #FindYourCallingDay. (The limit is one share per day.) The more they share, the more they enter the drawing and the more likely they are to win!

There will be a total of four winners. We will draw one winner each Friday, starting March 10. (Dates are March 10, 17, 24, 31.) Each winner will be able to choose between two prizes: a $500 scholarship (eligible only for students who enroll at a college by June 30, 2018) or a 128G iPad Air 2. The scholarship may be used for any educational expense, not just tuition.

Read important rules and restrictions for the prize drawing here.

Training Webinar

Get trained for Find Your Calling Month! On February 28, we’ll walk through the very same presentation that you’ll later give students at your school event. This is much more than a simple demo of the website. We will train you in the entire vision of Find Your Calling: to help students find work they love and the education they need—without getting into huge debt.

You’ll be able to answer students questions such as, Why should I care about my calling? Is student loan debt really that big a deal? If I find a career I like on FYC, what are the next steps?

After the webinar, you’ll be 100% equipped for your school event and ready to help students plan their future.

Sign up for the free webinar here.

Why FYC Month?

As students face their future, they face more than mystery. They face certain alarming odds that can make success in college and career seem impossible. 

  • The national student loan debt is nearly $1.3T, burdening 42M students
  • 75% of grads are in debt (average $37K per student)
  • 33% of college students never make it to sophomore year, often due to lack of career vision
  • 87% of workers are bored because they aren’t following their passion
  • 45% of grads are working non-college jobs

Help them overcome these odds. Help them find their calling.


Find Your Calling's mission is to help students answer the question, What do you want to do when you grow up? Young Americans want to change the world, not just pay the bills. They are optimistic, ambitious goal-setters who want to make a positive impact on other peoples’ lives.

But to fulfill these aspirations, they need more than a job, they need a calling—a career that summons their natural strengths and interests and provides deep, personal satisfaction that they are making a difference in the world. 

Our goal is to help students find these callings. We do this through a simple but powerful combination of assessment and data. First, the assessment measures students' interests. Then the students explore detailed data on occupations, colleges, and programs that match.

All on Find Your Calling. All for free.

"The absolute best thing about Find Your Calling is the wealth of information over an incredible amount of different careers." - Hans Munzing, student. Calling: doctor
"It gives us a way to find our true calling in life.” - Zoe Huff, student. Calling: photographer
"I love Find Your Calling because it has shown me my strengths and given me the connections to find a job after college." - Morgan Aragon, student. Calling: videographer  


FYC blonde 

FYC Day 2016 was such a great success that we're expanding it to FYC Month. Read the recap from 2016.

Questions? Contact Gwen Burrow: