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In our massive, fast-moving economy, students often struggle figuring out what they want to do or what the best career options might be. Solving exactly how to get there is even tougher. As a result, many students find themselves unemployed or underemployed—and in serious debt! There’s a huge need to connect students to the right opportunities. That’s why we created Find Your Calling.

Our Mission

Find Your Calling helps answer the question, what do you want to do when you grow up? Our mission is to help you (and your parents and teachers) find fantastic careers and the education you need to achieve your goals. Find Your Calling does this through a simple but powerful combination of assessment and data. First, the assessment measures your interests, then you explore detailed data on matching occupations and colleges that offer relevant programs.

Our Sponsors

CareerBuilder is the largest online job site in the US. CareerBuilder has been a leader in human capital solutions and job advertising for over 20 years, and has helped match the right talent with the right opportunity more often than any other site.

Emsi is the data branch of CareerBuilder, providing stellar labor market data and economic insight to help students plan their futures. Emsi actively works with hundreds of colleges across the US to improve the quality of information available to students on programs and career paths.

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